Jah Cure flaunts his multi-million dollar mansion in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jah Cure flaunts his flashy car and mansion in Jamaica, weeks after ranting on social media that promoters and sound system selectors should have enough money before engaging him in conversations regarding shows, and dub-plates.

Over the weekend, the Reggae star took to Instagram to showcase his flashy Range Rover before giving a walkthrough of his multi-million dollar home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“When i say “real rich,” it ain’t no talking. When I say “I don’t need some phony niggas,” it ain’t no talking,” he stated.

“Yeah, we already fix things,” he added.

Following his recent rant, social media users blasted the entertainer with some urging fans to boycott his music, while others dug into his past conviction, and some label his current lifestyle as materialistic.

Shortly after the incident, Jah Cure was quick to apologize for derogatory comments. However, a day after the apology was issued, the Jamaica STAR reported that the artist’s apology was never authorized by Jah Cure.

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