5 Caribbean Dishes You Must Try?

Caribbean cuisine is not only colorful but filled with flavors that engage all of your senses. With travel and migration between the islands a way of life, it has become a bit more of a challenge to define what are indigenous dishes, and with integration comes the blending of old recipes into new ones. How many of these Caribbean national dishes have you experienced?

Ackee and Salt-fish is the national dish of Jamaica, a delightful dish. This dish is served mainly as a breakfast meal and with some breadfruit on the side, it can go a very long way. The salt fish is boiled to extract most of the saltiness, then fried up with green peppers, and onions. Ackee is a pear-sized fruit, when prepared it resembles scrambled eggs. Be careful though as the fruit,Ackee, can be toxic, they must be ripe before harvesting.

Cou cou and flying fish is a recipe made with corn meal, okra, flying fish and topped with an aromatic sauce of tomato, onion, chives, thyme, fresh pepper, garlic and other herbs. Flying Fish which is found in abundance around Barbados is added on the side either steamed or fried.

This spicy dish, differs from greatly from Antigua’s version of the meal with the same name. It is a stewed meat dish, strongly flavored with cinnamon, cassareep (a special sauce made from the cassava root) and other basic ingredients, including Caribbean hot peppers.

Calaloo is prepared in a blended style that almost resembles the Antiguan pepperpot. Dasheen leaves are prepared in a unique fashion, similar to a dark leafy stew/gravy type of consistency.

Oil down, the national dish of Grenada is truly a dish packed with a variety of ingredients. This bit of island goodness is made with ground provisions, including breadfruit and served with pig tail, salt beef or your choice of meat.

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