Tifa Sets the Record Straight on Viral Video Mishap

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Dancehall artist Tifa found herself at the center of a social media storm after a video from her recent photoshoot went viral, capturing more attention than she anticipated. In a live session on Instagram, Tifa addressed the unexpected controversy, insisting that the revealing nature of the footage was unintentional.

According to Tifa, the mishap occurred due to an oversight by herself and her management team. She revealed that there were two videos from the photoshoot, and the one with the unintended exposure was not reviewed before being posted.

“Mi deh yah a mine mi business and mi poor likkle vaj-jay-jay gone viral. Honestly, mi put it inna di group wid mi management, [and neither] me or neither the other management people dem did actually even see it,” Tifa explained.

Despite realizing the nature of the video later, Tifa chose not to take it down, leaving the public with a mix of shock and amusement. She addressed the varied reactions from the audience, acknowledging that some were offended, attributing it to people being outraged over anything.

“Some people were offended by it, caw yuh know seh people outraged for everything, some people were saying ‘oh you’re too old for this’, some people were saying ‘oh you’re too insecure’,” she shared.

Tifa’s response via her live session

Remaining unfazed by the comments, Tifa emphasized that she was living her life and feeling good. In the midst of the unexpected controversy, she assured fans of exciting new music in 2024. Tifa is currently collaborating with Kemar Flava McGregor on a soon-to-be-released single, promising her followers a vibrant musical journey ahead.

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