Spice Makes History: ‘Guh Down Deh’ Hits 600,000 Units in the US and Eyes Gold Certification

Grammy-nominated Jamaican sensation Spice is rewriting the record books with her chart-topping hit “Guh Down Deh,” featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul, soaring to new heights. The dancehall anthem has surpassed a remarkable 600,000 equivalent units in streams and sales in the US, with 21,000 pure sales, marking a historic achievement.

Notably, “Guh Down Deh” stands as the first song led by a female dancehall artist to achieve this milestone in the US. The track’s success has propelled Spice into the spotlight, making her eligible for Gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America—a milestone that, if attained, will mark Spice’s first music certification and a groundbreaking feat for a female Jamaican artist this century.

This triumph follows in the footsteps of Diana King, whose 1995 single “Shy Guy” earned Gold certification in the US, setting the stage for Spice to make her own mark in music history.

Spice’s debut album, “10,” released by VP Records on August 6, 2021, has also been making waves. The album has sold 125,000 album equivalent units in streams, with 2,000 in pure sales. With an impressive 230 million Demand streams as of February 1, 2024, “10” has secured its position as one of the highest-selling dancehall albums of the past two years. The album’s slow-burning success began with its debut at No. 6 on the Billboard Reggae albums chart, earning a nomination for Best Reggae Album at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Meanwhile, the infectious “Guh Down Deh” continues to dominate various charts worldwide. The track peaked at number one on Jamaica’s weekly YouTube Chart and boasts a visually stunning music video directed by Jay Will, accumulating over 249 million views on YouTube and 195 million streams on Spotify.

Go Down Deh by Spice, Shaggy & Sean Paul

As of now, “Guh Down Deh” is maintaining its international chart presence, holding the No. 79 spot on Apple Music Montserrat, #49 on iTunes in Cambodia, and #178 on Shazam in Denmark. Spice’s global impact with this sensational hit solidifies her status as the Queen of Dancehall and sets the stage for even more groundbreaking achievements in the future.

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