DJ Kurt Riley Adds Artiste Management To Repertoire – Live EP Release Tomorrow


Radio DJ and chart-topping producer Kurt ‘The Party Animal’ Riley has added artiste manager to the list of accolades he has accumulated over the years.

The DJ and producer, who heads Techniques Records Label with his brother Andre Riley, has, for the first time, signed a co-management deal with reggae artiste Torch Campbell.

Riley met the artiste over eight years ago when he heard a recording from him and was immediately attracted to his unique sound.

“Him did sound bad and wicked. I’ve been working with him since and following his career from then until now. I believe that 2015 is the right time to be a part of his management team,” Riley explained.

Riley shares the role of manager with fellow producer Comar ‘Frankie’ Campbell of Frankie Music, who has also worked with Torch for a number of years. He explains that not much has changed with their relationship even though their roles are now defined in black and white.

“The only thing that has changed is the decision making. The production level remains the same. Frankie and I will now take his career to the next level,” Riley added.

Next level sights are being set with the release of Torch’s first EP, Self Reclaimed, to be distributed by VP Records’ affiliate, VPal Music. The project incorporates singles from international producers, as well as productions from Techniques Records and Frankie Music.

The lead single from the project called Lion, from Frankie Music’s ‘Home Wrecker’ rhythm, is already getting increased radio rotation locally and growing international attention.

Riley sees his management role with Torch’s career as immensely important to the growth of the artiste in general.

“I believe that artistes do not make the best business decisions on their own, as well as they should not cloud their minds with business decisions. The artiste should concentrate on making good music and work with someone who will make the best decisions for them on their behalf,” Riley added.

Torch is set to present his first live showcase of the Self Reclaimed EP tomorrow (Thursday, October 29) at Spades Lounge, 9-11 Phoenix Avenue in Kingston, starting at 8 p.m. The digital release of the eight-track project will happen on Friday, October 30, through VPal Music.

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